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Butters breaks the game down

one of my favorite episodes.

I just don’t know what to do.


Let’s play a fun game called “we’re just friends but I’d fuck you if you asked”






I’m crying.


"You’re the worst friend ever" in a monotone voice
I’m very happy

this video keeps me going

I am actually dying over here, Aaron stay sassy.

You wouldn’t smile if you knew what I thought about every single one of you.


I’m so sick of hearing this term over and over again. It’s fucked up on both sides. The person that is considered friend-zoned is frowned upon for wanting or expecting more than friendship and being upset when they don’t get it. Granted of course they aren’t owed that by any means, if someone doesn’t feel the same way that’s just how they feel. What’s so wrong with being upset someone doesn’t want you though? All this time has been spent with someone talking and just getting a feel for who the other person is, then when one of them develops more feelings because they have found a connection or something that they don’t see in others that they love about the other, how can you expect them not to get upset? Let’s also add that half the time this person that isn’t as interested in the other still leads them on, because they love that someone wants them who they aren’t interested in because it boosts their self-esteem, and that’s kind of fucked up, but we would all do it. We look down on someone when they are “friend-zoned,” and I think that’s fucked up because both people are to blame for the situation, things are never one sided, at least that’s what I believe, Those people don’t fall for someone who never shows them interest. We collectively look at the situation to be a bad thing, when it shouldn’t be a thing at all. I hate the term. I’m absolutely biased on the side of the person that is more interested in the other, I’ve been in that situation before many times. I’m just annoyed that it has become such a popular idea, and so fucking common cause it’s fucked up in my opinion. Maybe I’m just being a little whiny bitch, I most likely am. I just felt like sharing my opinion though.